Guillemot - Short Film

In a fit of rage Tylar (17) leaves home where she's been living like a pre-slipper Cinderella caring for her two half siblings. Packing a blue IKEA bag she resolves never to return. Over the next 24 hours Tyler finds hope in the guise of a friendly teenager Biggs looking for chips and romance, but when his crew pressure him to abandon her, she is faced with the need for a bed and is confronted with the reality of being young, broke and homeless on the streets of Nottingham today. Will a surprise call from Biggs bring respite or darken an already difficult situation?

A slice of life developed around the real life experiences of the young people involved Guillemot is a bittersweet tale of young romance set against the backdrop of peers, pressure and a brutally adult world.

Guillemot – an Atlantic sea bird whose first flight is a perilous journey, a glide from nest to the sea, which if mistimed will result in dinner for the foxes below. Safe passage into the sea however marks the beginning of a one thousand mile swim south, before the chick is strong enough to fly. 

Nott Romeo & Juliet

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